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EFT For Whiplash

August 26, 2008 Comments off

by Rod Sherwin © 2008

At the recent Mind Body Spirit Festival (in Melbourne) I helped four different people with Whiplash. Whiplash is an injury caused when the head snaps forward and then back again and is most often associated with a rear-end collision in a motor vehicle.

Symptoms reported by sufferers of Whiplash include: pain and aching to the neck and back, referred pain to the shoulders, sensory disturbance (such as pins and needles) to the arms & legs and headaches.

I treated people with Whiplash from 30 years ago to 2 days ago. One person had experienced a head ache for 10 years after a car accident. For each person, using 5-10 minutes of EFT, they were able to completely relieve the neck and back pain associated with the whiplash.

If you have ever experienced a car accident or similar trauma to neck and spine be sure to apply EFT to the memory of the accident even if you have no obvious symptoms. Your body remembers the trauma and may still be compensating. Here’s an EFT sequence that can get you started.

Karate Chop: “Even though I have this pain in my neck and back caused by whiplash, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though my body remembers the trauma of the accident regardless of how long ago it was, I’m ready to release it now. I ask my body to release and heal the trauma that is causing this neck and back pain, allowing myself to heal 100% even better than before.”

Eyebrow (EB): “This whiplash pain in my neck”
Side of the eye (SE): “This whiplash pain and my body’s memory of the accident”
Under the eye (UE): “All the whiplash trauma in my body”
Under the nose (UN): “This whiplash pain in my neck”
Chin (CH): “This whiplash pain in my neck”
Collarbone (CB): “The whiplash pain in my back and neck”
Under the arm (UA): “This whiplash pain in my neck, the headaches, the backaches, allowing myself to heal”
Under the breast (UB): “I’m ready to forgive myself for any thing I did to contribute to this whiplash, and open to one day forgiving anyone else who had anything to do with this whiplash”

After a few rounds, reassess your pain and range of movement, taking care of your own physical wellbeing. Usually, after a few rounds, the pain will move or change in some way. Continue chasing the pain, and come up with a new focusing phrase for the new location of the pain and continue applying EFT until there is no trace left.

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