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Using EFT with Music, Memories & Emotions

August 24, 2008

Adapted by Angie Muccillo

EFT Audio Technique

The Audio Technique is an EFT method which consists of using music (songs) as a way to “connect” with past or present negative experiences and then using the EFT tapping points to remove the charge.

The Audio Technique was created by Michel Guindon, EFT-CC, NLP, C.Ht. from Canada to complement the classic EFT method. He offers this highly useful technique for bringing up repressed emotions or core issues using music and EFT. In effect the music (songs) “stir up the emotional pot of memories that are stored in the body at the unconscious and cellular level whilst EFT gently dissolves and weakens their hold, providing resolution and relief, simply and effectively.” This is a tremendous personal healing tool that can also be used in conjuction with the EFT Personal Peace Procedure.

Anyone will benefit from using The Audio Technique mainly due to its uncanny ability to bring up repressed emotions related to events which are partially or totally out of our conscious awareness – the “fine print” on our walls, or the “Blind Spots”.

The Audio Technique a simple non-disclosure technique, where you don’t have to talk about or even be aware of the issues but instead work through them in the comfort of your own mind, guided by the musical soundtracks.

Music, Memories & Emotions

Although we rarely think about it, music has always had a powerful influence on our lives and most of our significant life experiences are linked to it in one form or another. We hear couples referring to a certain song as “their song” while others remember “the good old times” when a tune is played on the radio. Those same songs also take on different meanings depending on our life events. Following the break-up of a relationship or other painful experiences such as the loss of a loved one for example. Those very same songs often become painful reminders – re-stimulating us instantly. Most of us know of some people who have a tendency to isolate themselves and listen to music that matches their state of mind at the time. It seems to provide comfort to know that someone else (the artist, singer, etc.) has gone through something similar and makes them feel understood and validated in some way.

When we think about it, music IS emotion, it is an expression of feelings, both joyful and painful. Many love songs for instance contain themes of abandonment, pain, rejection, betrayal and hurt, both through their lyrics or musical structure. Songs are written to evoke and express emotion. When we listen to a song, our own personal meanings are attached to them. When you choose a song “to work with” you are reacting to the lyrics in your own personal way.

How To Apply The Audio Technique

Click here for the EFT tapping points

Step 1: Choose a song that stirs up any negative emotion or reminds you of a negative past or present event. You may have one or more songs that really stick out for their ability to make you feel a certain way. For instance you may feel like crying when you hear a particular song because it reminds you of a person and relationship that ended badly or caused you to fell hurt and pain. There may even be a song you simply can’t listen to because you know it will make you feel dreadful so you would normally avoid listening to it. This would be a good song to use with this technique, as it is an indication that you have unresolved and repressed emotions, which can be released safely and gently with the tapping. This will help you feel a whole lot better and resolve the issues in question without having to talk about it to anyone. Once you have chosen a song, rate the intensity of the charge on a scale of 0-10.

Step 2: Play the song allowing your emotions to surface. Listen closely to the lyrics, and feel what you have to feel. Also pay attention to where in your body you feel the emotion. Is it in your chest, throat, stomach, heart etc? This is an indication of where the block is stored in your body. Tapping will release the block from this area. Once you are “into the emotion” of the song simply tap on the EFT points continuously until the song ends. Simply listen, feel and tap. The more you feel the emotion while you tap, the greater the release.

Step 3: When the song has finished, play it again and check your emotional responses. Check the intensity of the charge on a scale of 0-10. Has anything changed? Do you still respond in the same way? Chances are the song no longer has the same “hold” on you. It’s meaning may have completed changed for you. If you still feel some emotions, for instance, if you still feel sad or a new emotion has surfaced, simply play the song again and tap continuously as you did before, then check again. Pay attention to where you feel it in your body. Is the same sensation still there or has it disappeared? Repeat this until your “energy runs clean”, that is, you can listen to the song without having ANY negative response to it. Signs that your energy has shifted may include, sighing, new insights, fatigue, yawning, and changes in physical sensations

An Example of How The Audio Technique Works

Michele recounts that “on a personal level, I’ve had a powerful issue come up (fear of being used) while listening to Heart’s “All I Wanna Do”. The story is about a married woman who picks up a man on the road, brings him to a motel and makes love to him. The real story is that she wants a child, something her husband cannot give her, so she goes to plan B – namely this man she picked up. While listening to it, I associated with the man in question and the charge went up to a “10+”. I felt shocked, angry, worthless, used, sad – the works! And what amazes me is that I still cannot relate this experience to any particular event in my life. After playing it several times while tapping, the charge went down to “0”. Now, when I listen to it, it is just another song – nothing more and I feel great.”

There are no right or wrong soundtracks – they either bring up a charge or they don’t. Simply go through your collection. Sometimes just reading the titles will often point to tracks that have “some meaning” to them. There are also music charts on the net that can help you remember tracks you used to listen to when we were younger, and these can often be downloaded with appropriate software.

The Audio Technique was designed as a complement to Classic EFT and is NOT meant to replace it by any means. While this approach has proven highly effective, specific issues may come up that require being handled by EFT as outlined in Gary Craig’s Course or by a qualified EFT Practitioner.

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