The EFT Basic Recipe Full Version

The Basic Recipe is very simple and easy to do. Once memorized, each round of it can be performed in about 1 minute. It will take some practice, of course, but after a few tries the whole process becomes familiar. It is important to understand the full Basic Recipe here because it provides an important foundation to the whole process. Once you have practiced and learnt to apply the basic recipe, click here for the shortcut sequence.

The EFT Basic Recipe consists of the following ingredients:

1. The Setup
2. The Sequence
3. The 9 Gamut Procedure
4. The Reminder Phrase

Ingredient #1…The Setup Statement

Applying The Basic Recipe is something like going bowling. In bowling, there is a machine that sets up the pins by picking them up and arranging them in perfect order at the end of the alley. Once this “setup” is done, all you need to do is roll the ball down the alley to knock over the pins.

In a similar manner, The Basic Recipe has a beginning routine to “set up” your energy system as though it was a set of bowling pins. This routine (called The Setup) is vital to the whole process and prepares the energy system so that the rest of The Basic Recipe (the ball) can do its job.

Your energy system, of course, is not really a set of bowling pins. It is a set of subtle electric circuits.

The purpose of ‘The Setup’ is to make sure your energy system is properly oriented before attempting to remove its disruptions.

Psychological Reversal

Your energy system is subject to a form of electrical interference which can block the balancing effect of these tapping procedures.

When present, this interfering blockage must be removed or The Basic Recipe will not work. Removing it is the job of The Setup. Technically speaking, this interfering blockage takes the form of a polarity reversal within your energy system. This is not the same thing as the energy disruptions which cause your negative emotions.

Another analogy – Consider a typical hand held electronic device such as a tape recorder. Like all such devices, it needs batteries to work and, equally important, the batteries must be installed properly. Batteries have + and – marks on them. Those marks indicate their polarity. If you line up those + and – marks according to the instructions, then the electricity flows normally and your tape recorder works fine.

But what happens if you put the batteries in backwards? The tape recorder will not work. It acts as if the batteries have been removed. That’s what happens when polarity reversal is present in your energy system. It’s like your batteries are in backwards, causing energy to stagnate.

This polarity reversal has an official name. It is called Psychological Reversal and represents a fascinating discovery with wide ranging applications in all areas of healing and personal performance. It is the reason why some diseases are chronic and respond very poorly to conventional treatments. It is also the reason why some people have such a difficult time losing weight or giving up addictive substances. It is, quite literally, the cause of self sabotage.

Psychological Reversal is caused by self defeating, negative thinking which often occurs subconsciously and thus outside of your awareness. On average, it will be present…and thus hinder EFT…about 40% of the time. Some people have very little of it (this is rare) while others are beset by it most of the time (this also is rare). Most people fall somewhere in between these two extremes. It doesn’t create any feelings within you so you won’t know if it is present or not. Even the most positive people are subject to it.

When it is present it will stop any attempt at healing, including EFT, dead in its tracks. Therefore…It must be corrected if the rest of The Basic Recipe is going to work. We correct for Psychological Reversal even though it might not be present. It only takes 8 or 10 seconds to do and, if it isn’t present, no harm is done. If it is present, however, a major impediment to your success will be out of the way.

The Parts Of The EFT Set Up

1) Contacting The Problem

To direct the releasing effects of the tapping to the required area, we focus the mind on the problem by using a statement of the problem: “I am afraid of heights.”

Preferably, this is spoken out loud to engage as much of the neurology as possible and to contact the problem as directly as possible.

To set up the energy system think about a problem that you have, a pain, a fear, an illness or perhaps a phobia, something that always makes you depressed when you think about it, just generally any negative emotion you are happy to release now and forever.

Choose a statement that rings true to you, choosing words that make sense to you and you alone. The more forthright, direct and truthful you can be, the more profound a change you will experience

2) Creating the EFT Set Up Statement

The EFT Set Up Statement follows the same general format; it acknowledges the problem and creates self-acceptance despite the existence of the problem. That is what’s necessary for the set up to be effective and to correct any psychological reversal.

The set up format consists of a statement of the problem followed by a balancing statement or affirmation. The default affirmation in the EFT set up is, “I deeply and completely accept myself”

Here is an example:

You repeat the EFT set up 3 times.

Even though I have this _____________, I deeply and completely accept myself.

The blank is filled in with a brief description of the problem you want to address. A problem can be a worry, a feeling, a fear, or any other emotion.

Here are some examples.

Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this anger towards my father, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this war memory, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this stiffness in my neck, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have these nightmares, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this craving for alcohol, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this fear of snakes, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I have this depression, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Some interesting points about the EFT set up…

It doesn’t matter whether you believe the affirmation or not….just say it.

It is better to say it with feeling and emphasis but saying it routinely will usually do the job.

It is best to say it out loud but if you are in a social situation where you prefer to mutter it under your breath…. or do it silently
3) Rub the “Sore Spot” or Tap the “Karate Chop” Point

To add to the effectiveness of the affirmation, The Setup also includes the simultaneous rubbing of a “Sore Spot”…. or…. tapping on the “Karate Chop” point.

The Sore Spot (Tender Spot)

There are two Sore Spots and it doesn’t matter which one you use. They are located in the upper left and right portions of the chest and you find them as follows:

Go to the base of the throat about where a man would knot his tie. Poke around in this area and you will find a U shaped notch at the top of your sternum (breastbone). From the top of that notch go down 3 inches toward your navel and over 3 inches to your left (or right). You should now be in the upper left (or right) portion of your chest. If you press vigorously in that area (within a 2 inch radius) you will find a “Sore Spot.” This is the place you will need to rub while saying the affirmation. This spot is sore when you rub it vigorously because lymphatic congestion occurs there. When you rub it, you are dispersing that congestion. Fortunately, after a few episodes the congestion is all dispersed and the soreness goes away. Then you can rub it with no discomfort whatsoever.

The Karate Chop Point

The Karate Chop point (abbreviated KC) is located at the center of the fleshy part of the outside of your hand (either hand) between the top of the wrist and the base of the baby finger or the part of your hand you would use to deliver a karate chop. Instead of rubbing it as you would the Sore Spot, you vigorously tap the Karate Chop point with the fingertips of the index finger and middle finger of the other hand.

4) Performing The Set Up

Now that you understand the parts to The Setup, performing it is easy. You create a word or short phrase to fill in the blank in the affirmation and then…simply repeat the affirmation, with emphasis, 3 times while continuously rubbing the Sore Spot or tapping the Karate Chop point.

After a few practice rounds, you should be able to perform The Setup in 8 seconds or so. Now, with The Setup properly performed, you are ready for the next ingredient in The Basic Recipe….The Sequence.

Ingredient #2…The Sequence

The Sequence is very simple in concept. It involves tapping on the end points of the major energy meridians in the body and is the method by which the “zzzzzt” in the energy system is balanced out. Before locating these points for you, however, you need a few tips on how to carry out the tapping process.

Tapping Instructions:
· You can tap with either hand but it is usually more convenient to do so with your dominant hand (e.g. right hand if you are right handed).

· Tap with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger. This covers a little larger area than just tapping with one fingertip and allows you to cover the tapping points more easily.

· Tap solidly but never so hard as to hurt or bruise yourself.

· Tap about 7 times on each of the tapping points.

· Most of the tapping points exist on either side of the body. It doesn’t matter which side you use nor does it matter if you switch sides during The Sequence. For example, you can tap under your right eye and, later in The Sequence, tap under your left arm.

How To Locate the EFT Tapping Points

Each energy meridian has two end points. For the purposes of The Basic Recipe, you need only tap on one end to balance out any disruptions that may exist in it. These end points are near the surface of the body and are thus more readily accessed than other points along the meridians that may be more deeply buried.

Eyebrow Point: At the beginning of the eyebrow, just above and to one side of the nose. This point is abbreviated EB

Side of the Eye: On the bone bordering the outside corner of the eye. This point is abbreviated SE

Under the Eye: On the bone under an eye about 1 inch below your pupil. This point is abbreviated UE

Under the Nose: On the small area between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip. This point is abbreviated UN

Chin: Midway between the point of your chin and the bottom of your lower lip. point is abbreviated Ch

Collar Bone: The junction where the sternum (breastbone), collarbone and the first rib meet. To locate it, first place your forefinger on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone (about where a man would knot his tie). From the bottom of the U, move your forefinger down toward the navel 1 inch and then go to the left (or right) 1 inch. This point is abbreviated CB

Under the Arm: On the side of the body, It is about 4 inches below the armpit. This point is abbreviated UA

Under the Breast : Below the breast in line with the nipple. This point is abbreviated UB

Thumb: On the outside edge of your thumb at a point even with the base of the thumbnail. This point is abbreviated Th

Index Finger: On the side of your index finger (the side facing your thumb) at a point even with the base of the fingernail. This point is abbreviated IF.

Middle Finger: On the side of your middle finger (the side closest to your thumb) at a point even with the base of the fingernail. This point is abbreviated MF.

Little Finger: On the inside of your baby finger (the side closest to your thumb) at a point even with the base of the fingernail. This point is abbreviated LF

Karate Chop: It is located in the middle of the fleshy part on the outside of the hand between the top of the wrist bone and the base of the baby finger. It is abbreviated KC

The abbreviations for these points are summarized below in the same order as given above.

EB = Beginning of the EyeBrow
SE = Side of the Eye
UE = Under the Eye
UN = Under the Nose
Ch = Chin
CB = Beginning of the CollarBone
UA = Under the Arm
UB = Under the Breast
Th = Thumb
IF = Index Finger
MF = Middle Finger
LF = Little Finger
KC = Karate Chop

Please notice that these tapping points proceed down the body. That is, each tapping point is below the one before it.

Ingredient #3…The 9 Gamut Procedure

The Gamut procedure is part of the full version of EFT. It is not used in the shortcut version. It is advisable when starting to learn EFT to become familiar with the Gamut Procedure.

The purpose of the 9 Gamut Procedure is, perhaps, is to “fine tune” the brain via some eye movements and some humming and counting.

Through connecting nerves, certain parts of the brain are stimulated when the eyes are moved. Likewise the right side of the brain (the creative side) is engaged when you hum a song and the left side (the digital side) is engaged when you count.

The 9 Gamut Procedure is a 10 second process wherein 9 of these “brain stimulating” actions are performed while continuously tapping on one of the body’s energy points…..the Gamut point. It has been found, after years of experience, that this routine can add efficiency to EFT and hastens your
progress towards emotional freedom….especially when sandwiched between 2 trips through The Sequence.

Locate the Gamut Point

It is on the back of either hand and is 1/2 inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and the little finger. If you draw an imaginary line between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and little finger and consider that line to be the base of an equilateral triangle whose other sides converge to a point (apex) in the direction of the wrist, then the gamut point would be located at the apex of the triangle.

Next, you must perform 9 different actions while tapping the Gamut point continuously. The 9 Gamut actions are:

1. Eyes closed.
2. Eyes open.
3. Eyes hard down right while holding the head steady.
4. Eyes hard down left while holding the head steady.
5. Roll eyes in a circle as though your nose was at the center of a clock and you were trying to see all the numbers in order.
6. Same as #5 only reverse the direction in which you roll your eyes.
7. Hum 2 seconds of a song (suggest Happy Birthday).
8. Count rapidly from 1 to 5.
9. Hum 2 seconds of a song again.
Ingredient #4… The Reminder Phrase

“Tuning In” To The Problem

The Basic Recipe needs to be aimed at a specific problem. You “aim” The Basic Recipe by applying it while “tuned in” to the problem from which you want relief. This tells your system which problem needs to be the receiver.

Since “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” negative emotions come about because you are tuned in to certain thoughts or circumstances which, in turn, cause your energy system to disrupt.

Otherwise, you function normally. One’s fear of heights is not present, for example, while one is reading the comic section of the Sunday newspaper (and therefore not tuned in to the problem).

Tuning in to a problem can be done by simply thinking about it. In fact, tuning in means thinking about it. Thinking about the problem will bring about the energy disruptions involved, which then can be balanced by applying The Basic Recipe.

Without tuning in to the problem, thereby creating those energy disruptions, the Basic Recipe does nothing. Tuning in is a critical process.

You merely think about the problem while applying The Basic Recipe.

The Reminder Phrase is simply a word or short phrase that describes the problem and that you repeat out loud each time you tap one of the points in The Sequence. In this way you continually “remind” your system about the problem you are working on.

The best Reminder Phrase to use is usually identical to what you choose for the affirmation you use in The Setup. For example, if you are working on a fear of public speaking, The Setup affirmation would go like this….

Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Within this affirmation, the underlined words….fear of public speaking….are ideal candidates for use as the Reminder Phrase.
Subsequent Round Adjustments

Let’s say you are using The Basic Recipe for some problem (fear, headache, anger, etc.). Sometimes the problem will simply vanish after just one round while, at other times, one round provides only partial relief. When only partial relief is obtained, you will need to do one or more additional rounds.

Those subsequent rounds need to be adjusted slightly for best results. One of the main reasons why the first round doesn’t always completely eliminate a problem is because of the re-emergence of Psychological Reversal…that interfering blockage that The Setup is designed to correct.

This time, Psychological Reversal shows up in a somewhat different form. Instead of blocking your progress altogether it now blocks any remaining progress. You have already made some headway but become stopped part way toward complete relief because Psychological Reversal enters in a manner that keeps you from getting any better still.

Since the subconscious mind tends to be very literal, the subsequent rounds of The Basic Recipe need to address the fact that you are working on the remaining problem. Accordingly, the affirmation contained within The Setup needs to be adjusted, as does the Reminder Phrase. The adjusted format for The Setup
Affirmation is:

Even though I still have some of this __________, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Please note the emphasized words (still & some) and how they change the thrust of the affirmation toward the remainder of the problem. It should be easy to make this adjustment.

Even though I still have some of this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I still have some of this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I still have some of this anger towards my father, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I still have some of this war memory, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I still have some of this stiffness in my neck, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Testing Your Changes With The SUDS Scale

A great way to ascertain from yourself or others just how you feel is to put a number on it. The technical term is taking a SUD Level or SUDS Scale reading, which stands for Subjective Units of Disturbance.

What that means is you ask yourself:

On a scale of 10 to 0, 10 being the highest imaginable pain/freak out/fear/sadness/dis-comfort, and 0 being completely calm, pain free, tranquil, relaxed and happy, how would you rate what you are experiencing at this moment?

This works for emotions as well as for physical sensations and even for beliefs which might be a problem:

On a scale of ten to zero:

How depressed are you right now?
How painful is your leg?
How bad is your fear of heights?
How distressing is this memory?
How much do you hate this person?

Before you begin tapping for any subject or problem, take the time to take a SUDS rating and make a mental note of it. Then, when you have completed a Sandwich treatment, ask the question again to find how much has changed. It’s a good way to be able to assess how well the treatment has worked and if you need to repeat the treatment.

Sometimes, the problem can go from as high as 10 to as low as 0 in a single Sandwich treatment.

More often though, you start with 8 or 9, and after a round of tapping, the severity is reduced to a 4 or a 5.

This means that the treatment is beginning to work but there’s more to be done.

Testing is a very important part of the EFT procedure.

Testing with the SUDS scale provides a benchmark against which to measure your progress. You might start at a 6, for instance, and then go to a 3….and then a 1….and finally to 0….as various rounds of The Basic Recipe are applied.

It is important to measure the intensity as it exists NOW….as you think about it….and not as you think it would be in the actual situation.

Remember, The Basic Recipe balances the disruptions in your energy system as they exist NOW while you are tuned in to the thought or circumstance. Here’s an example of how it works.


Let’s say you have a fear of spiders that you would like to put behind you. If there is no spider present to cause you any emotional intensity then close your eyes and imagine seeing a spider or imagine a past time when a spider scared you.

Assess your intensity on a scale of 0 to 10 as it exists NOW while you think about it. If you estimate it at a 7, for example, then you have a benchmark against which to measure your progress. You would then do one round of The Basic Recipe and imagine the spider again. If you can get no trace whatsoever of your previous emotional intensity then you are done. If, on the other hand, you go to, let’s say, a 4 then you need to perform subsequent rounds until 0 is reached.

Once you have practiced and learnt to apply the basic recipe, click here for the shortcut sequence.

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