How To Apply EFT Step by Step

The shortcut version of EFT is now used almost exclusively by most EFT practitioners. The shortcut version involves using only the Set Up together with the first seven points. The Shortcut procedure differs from the full extended version of EFT by leaving out the Gamut Procedure and finger points. While these can always be used, the EFT process works equally as well in the majority of cases without including this part of the sequence. Click here to help you locate the tapping points.

STEP 1 – Contact The Problem – Choose an issue/problem/specific event/belief/emotion that you would like to release/transform.  You may also pay attention to where in your body you feel this intensity. eg in the stomach, shoulders etc. when you think about your issue/problem/specific event/belief/emotion. Sample problem/issue “I have this fear of heights”

STEP 2 – Check you SUDS levelStarting Intensity. On a scale of 0-10 rate the intensity of the issue/problem/specific event/belief/emotion with 10 being the greatest distress/intensity and o being no distress/intensity at all.

STEP 3 – Perform the Setup Statement – The set up statement is a description of your issue/problem/specific event/belief/emotion followed by an affirmation or choice statement. “Even though ( I have this issue/problem/specific event/belief/emotion), I deeply and completely accept myself ”

Tapping the Karate Chop or rubbing the Sore/Tender Spot, repeat the set statement 3 times.

“Even though I have this fear of heights, I deeply and completely accept myself “

“Even though I have this fear of heights, I deeply and completely accept myself ”

“Even though I have this fear of heights, I deeply and completely accept myself ”

STEP 4 – Tap the Shortcut Sequence – Tap the following points 5-7 times while saying the Reminder Phrase . In this case the reminder phrase is  “fear of heights”

  1. Eyebrow (EB) – say “this fear of heights
  2. Side of the Eye (SE) say “this fear of heights
  3. Under the eye (UE) say “this fear of heights
  4. Under the nose (UN) say “this fear of heights
  5. Chin (CH) say “this fear of heights
  6. Collarbone (CB) say “this fear of heights
  7. Under the arm(UA) say “this fear of heights

Continue tapping these points for 2 or more rounds. Take a deep breath.

STEP 5 – Check you SUDS level again Ending Intensity. Focus back on the original issue/problem/specific event/belief/emotion and where you felt it physically. On a scale of 0-10 rate the intensity of the issue etc now.

IMPORTANT: If the ending intensity or level is above a ‘2′, repeat as follows:

In STEP 1 for the ‘SET-UP’ change the ‘set-up statement’ as follows:

“Even though I still have some of (this fear of heights), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

AND for STEP 3 change the ‘Reminder Phrase’ to: “This remaining (fear of heights)”

Take a deep breath. Continue tapping until each specific aspect of your problem is zero intensity.

How To Learn EFT

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